The One Human Project, a great step in the right direction…

Are we all really connected?
Is the suffering of one felt by all?
Is the love of one shared by all?

The One Human Project’s purpose is to prove whether or not we are truly, physically, all connected to one another. This might sound like a crazy idea, a proof that is not within our grasp, but it is quite achievable.

To live in a world where everyone knows that any harm, and any good, they do to others, in whatever form it takes, is spread out through everyone, including their own family, friends, children, and even themselves. The positive change in general human behavior could be staggering, unlike any we have seen so far.


“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep…”
— William James

“Quantum mechanics demonstrates that once particles are entangled, they remain entangled regardless of the distance that separates them, what you do to one, the other reacts in exactly the same way, simultaneously. Our current theory of the Big Bang states that all matter in the universe was once contained in a sphere the size of a green pea, therefore all particles in the universe were once entangled, and consequently still are. And we are all made with these very same particles. We were, and are, all connected!”

We already have indications that our energetic connection is a reality; from the reports of people in many parts of the world experiencing various emotions and feelings at times of crisis such as the tsunami in the Indian ocean and the attacks on the World Trade Centre, or even the transferring of emotional energy from an angry coworker, or the distant sensing of turmoil from a close friend or family member. But, to convince the masses, to create real change in this world of ours, we need irrefutable, scientific proof, and that is what this project is designed to deliver.

Consider the impact of a test that could prove once and for all that anything we do to any one of us,
we do to everyone of us…

“Every problem emerges from the false belief we are separate from one another, and every answer emerges from the realization we are not…”
— Marianne Williamson