The One Human Project was created as an effort to help raise humanity above its adversities, a way to stem the tide of violence, hatred, racism, inequity, and other forms of suffering, in the hopes that they all could be lessened. Terrorist attacks are on the rise, suicide rates, disease, sexual slavery, corruption… It seems as if we are carrying these afflictions through the ages, repeating cycles with no clear solution or way out. So many have tried over the years, with positive messages, great causes, spiritual leaders, inspiring books, religions, yet here we are, still suffering. When you scratch the top layer of this society of ours, it doesn’t take long to notice that not much has changed in the last several thousand years.

We need to do something different!

Coming together as global citizen, the attempt, the effort to seek out the proof of the physical bond that we share; such a strong message it would send throughout the world, if we would all band collectively and work on this project despite our differences, to rise above our own struggles, so that no borders, no governments, no ethnicities or cultures could stand as barriers between us, joining forces for a cause much greater than any individual or country, isn’t that what humanity should stand for?

You can make a difference, you can cast your vote, but not for a president, not for a nation, for you, and for all of us. An enduring message that has the potential to help us break free from these endless cycles, a message written in the sands of time that will not be forgotten nor dismissed.

A dream of a united Earth, people the world over striving to end all hardships of the human being, wishful thinking, or reality in the making?