Help and Support

This project requires time and resources, but the exploit is within reach. There are already so many qualified individuals the world over capable of implementing all the various aspects of this project to bring it to fruition, we just need to gather the right people; researchers, programmers, scientists… To create the tests that will maximize the best responses, write the program, invite participants, administer and monitor the test, and analyze the results. A general plan to get things going. With your help and support, the greatest human experiment can become a reality, with the potential of unprecedented positive impact on the future of the human race. It’s time we take control of our own destiny!

The One Human Project is currently at the start up phase, and we have created this simple web page to get the word out, give people an idea of what the project is, and raise initial funds to move us towards the next stage; a proper web site and a great funding/awareness campaign.

“Let your voice be heard, let us do something that the world has never seen,
let us unite and usher in a new age for humanity…”

We need your support to make this happen, please donate and be part of:
The One Human Project


For other Donation Options, please contact us through our CONTACT FORM, thanks!